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We work to respond to contemporary living needs. Whether it be the design requirements of architects and engineers, the living needs of individuals or the demands of application specialists, we take care of spaces and the people who will experience or inhabit them, under every aspect.

Who’s our target audience?


We are able to satisfy specific design requirements. The Nord Resine Group in-house laboratories – added to our know-how and qualifications – enable us to develop personalised solutions and solve any design-related issue.

We work side by side with you to provide you with the know-how we have acquired and developed in thirty years of business. We respond to every technical and aesthetic need, we analyse the site and identify its critical aspects and provide you with dedicated assistance during the coating application and maintenance phases.

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What we do for you

We can always guarantee you perfect results thanks to our network of technicians and application technicians scattered extensively throughout the territory. Together with them we can complete any job, even the most demanding ones such as large civil constructions.

  • creation of personalised solutions
  • site analysis
  • dedicated assistance
  • network of Nativus application technicians throughout the territory
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Application technicians

In an increasingly competitive market, being different has become a crucial aspect. Customer requests are increasingly heterogeneous and specific, so in order to meet them, technical skills must be integrated with strategic, relational and commercial abilities. The training course at the Academy allows participants to develop all these abilities and become leaders in their reference sector.

We make available our thirty-year-long experience as application technicians and manufacturers of building products to offer a unique and global experience, without peers in Italy and Europe.

That’s why we invented S.T.E.P., our exclusive multidisciplinary training method that achieves what it promises, allowing you to become a qualified and certified Nativus master resin application technician.

This achievement will allow you to receive personalised and fixed discounts in your relevant territory, participate in the private chats of our technicians and represent our brand within the market.

But that’s not all: whoever completes the course will be inserted in teams to participate in the most important and innovative projects for our company.

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S.T.E.P.: the exclusive Nativus training method

  • Know (Sapere)

    Knowledge as the platform for an expertly completed job.

    A journey through the Nativus world to discover the characteristics, distinctive properties and types of application of each material.

    Explore the training programme
  • Test (Testare)

    Experience and experimentation as keys to success.

    Acquiring advanced skills for working conscientiously, to solve different and specific needs.

    Explore the training programme
  • Express (Esprimere)

    Clarity, persuasion, engagement and firm belief.

    Communicating effectively to improve interaction with end customers and valuing your own skills. Marketing and entrepreneurial tools explained clearly.

    Explore the training programme
  • Put into practice (Praticare)

    Acquiring technical abilities to obtain tangible results.

    The application of Nativus materials on frequently made broad surfaces, such as shower cabins.

    Explore the training programme
  • Sapere
  • Testare
  • Esprimere
  • Praticare
nativus Academy



We have forged solid and stable professional relationships with our network of dealers, who are scattered extensively throughout the entire territory. We believe in the value and quality of the relationships with our collaborators and constantly cultivate them with a committed attitude.

Each one is a fundamental partner for us, a link between Nativus and its Master Resin Application Technicians, who is also deeply acquainted with each aspect of our brand.

Together we organise dedicated courses covering both technical and commercial aspects, as well as demonstrative evenings to provide comprehensive and conscious information on our products and activities.

Our aim is to facilitate partners during the sale so that they can respond in a timely and efficient way to any customer need.

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Discover the catalogues, price lists and technical sheets of our products, in addition to other useful materials for performing your work.

Access is reserved for professionals such as design studios, application technicians, resellers and agents.

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