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Nativus Academy

We transform today’s entrepreneurs into tomorrow’s leaders.

Forming professionals-entrepreneurs who are good at their jobs and know how to value it, who emerge within the reference market for their expertise and reliability: that’s the goal of the Nativus Academy.

A unique academy in Italy that combines technical-practical lectures with lessons on the chemistry of materials, architecture, marketing and communication. It is a global path that, once completed, will enable you to become a Master Resin Application Technician, namely a certified Nativus application technician.


The place where to learn, experiment and build experience. Step by step.

The basics
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Advanced courses
After the Academy

Step by step, little by little. A gradual programme to test your skills. Straight away.

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7 steps, 7 full-immersion sessions lasting two days (with the exception of the last module which will last three days), designed for small groups of people. You will be guided step by step by a tutor with decades of experience in the sector, in a free and informal environment, where you can exchange views and challenge yourself.

Since their contents are extremely important for the job’s proper execution, steps 1 and 2 are compulsory for all participants.

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Target audience

If you are an artisan or an entrepreneur looking for new ways to propose yourself on the market, a painter or tile layer who would like to learn how to apply resin, if you want to learn new skills and also understand how to distinguish yourself, the Nativus Academy is your solution.

It is suitable for everyone, regardless of their age or level of experience. It’s never too late to put yourself to the test!

Innovation depends on training: S.T.E.P.

A multidisciplinary offer that will allow you to acquire real and direct experience on working as an application technician.

S.T.E.P. is the exclusive Nativus training method revolving around four founding elements:

S S Know (Sapere)

Knowledge as the platform for an expertly completed job. A journey through the Nativus world to discover the characteristics, distinctive properties and types of application of each material.

T T Test (Testare)

Experience and experimentation as keys to success. Acquiring advanced skills for working conscientiously, to solve different and specific needs.

E E Express (Esprimere)

Clarity, persuasion, engagement and firm belief. Communicating effectively to improve interaction with end customers and valuing your own skills. Marketing and entrepreneurial tools explained clearly.

P P Put into practice (Praticare)

Acquiring technical abilities to obtain tangible results. The application of Nativus materials on frequently made broad surfaces, such as shower cabins.

Reaching the top. Our objectives, your goals.


Thanks to S.T.E.P. and our step-by-step training, you will acquire skills for:

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  • interacting with established or potential customers and empathising with them, anticipating their needs;
  • attributing the right value to your skills;
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  • carrying out any type of application from start to finish. Anywhere. From homes to building sites, from tile laying to radiant floors;
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Raggiungere il vertice 3 – 20230510_ph_nord-resine_nativus_teoria_206
  • becoming a reference point within your market;
  • being a leader, explaining every aspect and correctly managing any field of your activity.
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Choose the course suited to you

The courses are about to start and can accommodate maximum 8 participants – don’t miss out!

Our full-immersion sessions will allow you to have our sector experts at your disposal for as long as you like. You can ask them any question of raise any query and practise on routinely built everyday spaces, such as shower cabins. We will provide you with a full-scale model inclusive of floor tiles and a corner column: all you have to do is put yourself to the test.

Our training offer


The essential tools. From applications to application technicians.

In a constantly evolving and expanding world, also living needs become more complex and varied. Style and tastes change, modifying the desires and choices of customers. Amid this context, it is important to prepare in advance by developing new skills capable of meeting the needs of the market.

Functionality and visual appeal: thanks to their resistance, textured effect and their ability to create continuous surfaces, Sense Nativus resin coatings offer a decisive solution to contemporary design needs.

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The essential tools. From applications to application technicians.

Corso S1 – Nativus

Starting from the foundations. Substrate preparation

In the same way a house it built from the foundations, also a coating is applied starting from the substrates. Understanding how to approach the various surfaces is essential for ensuring an the optimal outcome of the job but also for determining an adequate quote based on your skills. Ready to understand the basics together with us?

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Starting from the foundations. Substrate preparation

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Complete courses S1 and S2 and obtain the cashback.

Once you complete the first two steps, you will be entitled to exclusive refunds on Nativus-brand purchases. Need more information?

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Why become a Master Resin Application Technician?

The Nativus Master Resin Application Technician certification – awarded once you complete the entire training course – will enable you to autonomously and safely manage every aspect of your company but also obtain exclusive advantages, such as:

  • direct contact in the company;
  • immediate technical support;
  • fixed discounts throughout the United Kingdom;
  • inclusion in a WhatsApp chat with master resin application technicians;
  • availability of a team of master application technicians for support in large building sites;
  • personalised clothing;
  • set of basic tools;
  • set of consumables.

Why become a Master Resin Application Technician?

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  • S3

    The countless ways of personalising micro-cement.

    Mastering Dekora and Material textures to obtain unique and highly personal results.
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  • S4

    Resin without bounds: from shower trays to radiant floors.

    Advanced techniques for applications on complex surfaces, such as those that diffuse heat.
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  • S5

    Peerless surfaces. Creating unprecedented effects with Natural and Lamine

    From theory to practice: colour and texture combinations for unprecedented continuous surfaces.
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  • S6

    Artfully modelled. Resin as a creative tool.

    The techniques and tools for creating artistic coatings with Corlite and Crystepo.
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  • S7

    Becoming a Resin Application Technician. Strategies for success.

    Growing and innovating through the latest and consolidated leadership tools.
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