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surfaces to experience

We take spaces and the people inhabiting them very seriously. That’s why we invest a lot of care on them, every day.

The collection

We mould, innovate and sublimate matter to transform the creative idea into tangible reality. The resulting surfaces are made to be explored with the senses and to be loved, used, touched and stained without any worries or fears. The only indelible mark will be the impression of your life story.

The collection

The art of moulding surfaces

Nativus system

We have devised a system that is unique among its kind: by standardising the substrate preparation and final protection phases, the texture can be created freely to obtain personalised, unique and tailor-made continuous surfaces.

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  • Primers

    From tiles to concrete: the materials suitable for preparing and repairing any type of substrate.

  • Textures

    7 coatings boasting unique technical and aesthetic properties, for continuous surfaces in the domestic and contract sectors.

  • Protective agents

    Transparent or coloured protective agents that guarantee waterproof, resistant and lasting textures.

Seven textures created to respond to a variety of design, application and living requirements. Seven proposals created to satisfy any type of style-related requirements, ensuring high flexibility and an uncompromising visual impact.


Boundless coatings


Knocks, scratches, moisture: a highly resistant resin for smooth surfaces with ever-changing patterns that decorates every space with innate personality.

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A material texture that comes in warm and sophisticated shades that is easy to apply. For a contemporary living dimension that is appealing to the eye and to touch.

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Uniform and highly customisable, Dekora is the micro-cement finish with a cloudy effect that will make you walk on air.

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The timeless elegance of the ancient seeded Venetian floor reinterpreted in a contemporary spirit. An anti-slip and scratchproof coating that blends tradition and functionality.

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Unique and unrepeatable textures that transform imagination into tangible reality. Corlite is the resin that drastically reduces the application times. For people who appreciate the elegance of marble but desire a surface that withstands impacts and stains.

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Three patterns that reflect the material’s essence and purity. Material is the high-performance decorated skim coat that adds a natural elegance to spaces.

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Decorative inserts that add a three-dimensional quality to existing surfaces. An encapsulation resin that can be used to create coatings resembling an authentic work of art.

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Experience, research and development of the material.

Discover NATIVUS

Ours is a story of intuition, dedication and talent. An endeavour begun in the 1990s by the Nord Resine Group, in particular by Lionello Caregnato, which we will continue to pursue by upholding our values and vision and maintaining intact our passion for innovation.

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We design and create together with you

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We work to respond to contemporary living needs. We cooperate closely with designers, application technicians and customers by following the project step by step in every phase. We take care of spaces and of the people who’ll inhabit or experience them, in an all-round way.

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Each coating is a fragment of time that encloses the story of the decorated site or the people who inhabit it.

Get inspired

In an increasingly competitive market, being different has become a crucial aspect. Customer requests are increasingly heterogeneous and to meet them, technical skills must be integrated with strategic, relational and commercial abilities. The training course at the Academy allows participants to develop all these abilities and become leaders in their reference sector.


Learn with S.T.E.P., our exclusive training method

  • Know

    Knowledge as the platform for an expertly completed job.

    A journey through the Nativus world to discover the characteristics, distinctive properties and types of application of each material.

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  • Test

    Experience and experimentation as keys to success.

    Acquiring advanced skills for working conscientiously, to solve different and specific needs.

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  • Express

    Clarity, persuasion, engagement and firm belief.

    Communicating effectively to improve interaction with end customers and valuing your own skills. Marketing and entrepreneurial tools explained clearly.

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  • Put into practice

    Acquiring technical abilities to obtain tangible results.

    The application of Nativus materials on frequently made broad surfaces, such as shower cabins.

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